About us

The Koestlin factory has been producing biscuits, tea biscuits, wafers, salty snacks (sticks and pretzels) and extruded products (flips-type) for more than 100 years.

In order to carry out its production, Koestlin's factory has ten technological lines with a production capacity of 25,000 tonnes per year, which is achieved by working in three shifts.

Today, Koestlin is the leader in the export of biscuits and related products, wafers, in the region of ex-Yugoslavia and other countries, while in Croatia it holds the No. 1 position in the sales of biscuits and the No. 2 position in the sales of wafers. Koestlin places 60% of its total production on foreign markets, namely in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Slovenia, USA, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Hong Kong, Israel, Jordan, Australia, UAE, Austria, Italy and Montenegro.

More than 40 different products in 80 different forms of packaging

In Croatia, Koestlin is cooperating with all major renowned companies and has been demonstrating a continuous growth. Following the trends in the European market and in cooperation with certain trade partners, Koestlin has begun manufacturing products under another company's brand (private label).

By enriching its tradition with new ideas while simultaneously developing modern technology, Koestlin today boasts over forty different products in about eighty different forms of packaging.

Quality Champion

Speculaas and Rum kocke

Gold Medal

Karat, Cappuccino and Java

Koestlin has also been awarded many quality awards, of which particularly noteworthy are those for its leading products – KARAT and CAPPUCCINO – which have won gold medals for consistent high quality, and SPECULAAS, the first product from the flour-based confectionery range in Croatia to win the Champion of Quality Medal.

Koestlin products were awarded in 2002 as well – the Java wafer won the gold medal for quality and Rum kocke won the Champion of Quality award. It is worth mentioning that Koestlin is the only manufacturer in the confectionery industry that has won the Champion of Quality award for two consecutive years.

More than 30 years old recipes, record sales

We should also point out the Paris group of products as they have been made according to original and unique Koestlin recipes for over thirty years. The leader among our products are Piknik biscuits with a forty years old tradition, whose new packaging design has been attracting a growing number of consumers and breaking sales records.

During the past few years we have installed four new lines of production technology: one for sandwich biscuits (by the Austrian manufacturer Hecron-Haas), two Werner & Pfleider lines for the production of salted sticks and pretzels and the Schaf line for the production of extruded products –flips. Koestlin has also installed 15 automatic lines for products packaging, horizontal and vertical flow-pack packaging machines, enabling the factory to bring its packaging standards in line with the level of quality of the most famous international brands.

Continuous development of products and technology

Koestlin is working intensively on developing its products and technologies. By introducing new products and by developing and improving the quality of the existing ones (by redesigning their packaging), Koestlin is responding to the requirements of the market and of its consumers, which has always been the main motto for its business operations.

An expert team of engineers and technicians keep a close eye on the development of Koestlin and on the well-known quality of its products. They are dedicated to continuing its tradition and introducing new technological solutions, as well as to monitoring the latest achievements both in science and practice.

Koestlin biscuit and wafers factory employs approximately 470 employees at the moment. We pay particular attention to the quality of our workforce – skilled workforce trained at the Confectionery school in Bjelovar is in charge of the production process. They are also provided with continuous education and training at the Koestlin premises in accordance to the century-old experience and tradition and taking into account state-of-the-art professional and technical knowledge.

Mission and Vision


Since it produces high quality and modern design products, Koestlin has to earn the trust of its consumers and satisfy consumers’ needs while making a profit, satisfying the needs of its employees and strengthening its position as one of the leading companies with a 100 years old tradition and quality. Koestlin should address the fundamental human need for healthy food, and improve the quality of life of individuals and society as a whole.


Koestlin is a successful company with a 100 years old tradition whose business results are aimed at keeping one of the top positions in the Croatian market in the confectionery industry and strengthen its leading position in the production of flour-based confectionery products. This includes the production of traditional, but also new high-quality products, which will meet the needs of consumers in terms of their quality and price, make a profit and satisfy the needs of both employees and the owner. We will make an effort in keeping the existing high ranking positions on the markets of the neighboring countries. Notwithstanding the growing competition, we will try to increase the production by entering new markets not only in the EU, but also in the Middle East, America, Russia.